Терминальный проект КиберПлат [open source]
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19 lines

  1. rem Setting Qt variables to use QLinguist commands
  2. rem call %QTDIR%\bin\qtenv2.bat
  3. lupdate ..\src -ts "%~3\paymentprocessor_ru.ts"
  4. lrelease "%~3\paymentprocessor_ru.ts" -qm "%~1\%~2_ru.qm"
  5. lupdate ..\src -ts "%~3\paymentprocessor_ru_bankomat.ts"
  6. lrelease "%~3\paymentprocessor_ru_bankomat.ts" -qm "%~1\%~2_ru_bankomat.qm"
  7. lupdate ..\src -ts "%~3\paymentprocessor_en.ts"
  8. lrelease "%~3\paymentprocessor_en.ts" -qm "%~1\%~2_en.qm"
  9. lupdate ..\src -ts "%~3\paymentprocessor_kk.ts"
  10. lrelease "%~3\paymentprocessor_kk.ts" -qm "%~1\%~2_kk.qm"
  11. lupdate ..\src -ts "%~3\paymentprocessor_de.ts"
  12. lrelease "%~3\paymentprocessor_de.ts" -qm "%~1\%~2_de.qm"